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What Is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime refers to any illegal act committed through computer networks or devices, such as hacking, identity theft, cyberstalking, online scams or the spread of malware or viruses. Cyber criminals use various techniques to gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks and steal sensitive data or disrupt services in order to cause financial or reputational harm to individuals or organizations. Cybercrime continues to evolve alongside technology – making it a formidable and ever-present threat against cybersecurity. Get Best Cyber Crime Lawyer In India.

Types Of Cyber Crime And Get Best Cyber Crime Lawyer In India

Cyber crimes come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them include:
  • Hacking: Unauthorized access of computer systems or networks with the intent to steal, modify or destroy data and cause damage to their infrastructure.
  • Identity Theft: Identity theft refers to any fraudulent use of someone’s personal data without their knowledge in order to commit fraudulent or other illegal acts.
  • Phishing: This fraudulent practice involves sending emails or messages purporting to come from reputable companies or organizations with the aim of duping individuals into divulging confidential data such as passwords or financial details.
  • Malware: Malicious software designed to cause harm on a computer system, such as viruses, Trojan horses and ransomware.
  • Cyberstalking: the use of electronic means such as social media or messaging apps to harass, intimidate or threaten another individual online.
  • Online Scams: Cons that use deceptive tactics to force victims to hand over money or personal data by offering false promises of work or lottery scams, for instance. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks: These attacks employ techniques designed to overwhelm a website or network with traffic and render it unavailable for users.
  • Cyberbullying: Harassment or intimidation through technology such as social media platforms or messaging apps.
  • Child Exploitation: Child exploitation involves the use of technology to abuse children, such as through online grooming, sextortion or child pornography.
Cyber crime comes in various forms and as technology develops new types of cyber criminality are constantly emerging. If anyone suffering from these types of case then hire Best Cyber Crime Lawyer In India.

Cyber Laws and Pornography in India

India has laws and regulations in place that regulate the distribution and consumption of pornography. The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021, commonly referred to as IT Rules 2021, establish guidelines for online platforms that host user-generated content containing pornographic material.

Under these rules, online platforms must implement mechanisms to stop the dissemination of sexually explicit content that targets children, and nonconsensual intimate imagery (commonly referred to as revenge porn). They also need to ensure that any explicit material accessible by minors cannot be reached directly.

Additionally to these rules, India also has laws which criminalize specific types of pornography. For instance, the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act 1986 criminalizes depictions of women that is derogatory or degrading.

Notably, India’s laws pertaining to pornography can be complex and may be open for interpretation by courts. If you have questions or doubts regarding certain activities related to pornography, consulting a legal professional could provide invaluable advice and direction.

Hire Online Cyber Crime Lawyer | Avoid Cyber Crime with Us

The chief laws that tackle cyber crimes in India are The Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 and the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

As per the IT Act, cyber crime is “a criminal activity that either targets or uses a computer, a computer network or a networked device.”

Types of cyber crimes

Child pornography/child sexually abusive material:

This includes any material that shows the child in a sexual manner. Any image or video that shows the child being abused or sexually exploited. As per Section 67(B) of IT Act, transmission or publication of such material is punishable. If this happened to you then immediately Hire Online Cyber Crime Lawyer.

Online sextortion:

In this case, a cyber criminal threatens to publish a private video or image on social media or anywhere on the internet and blackmails the target to get money or sexual favour or any other motive from him or her. In this case you should Hire Best Online Cyber Crime Lawyer.

Online fraud schemes for jobs:

Online fraud scheme for jobs generally mislead people by promising them or informing about jobs with higher pays in a false manner. Certain schemes also ask the person to pay a certain amount to get the job.


Luring a teenager into a relationship and teasing them or pressurizing them to indulge in a sexual act.


Harassing or bullying somebody using computer, mobile, or other electronic media is called cyberbullying. The behavior is repeated with the intention to scare, shame, or provoke the target.  


Harassing or stalking somebody online using mobile, tracking device, internet, and other such technology. It is usually done through emails, texts, social media posts, and other forms. The behavior is generally methodical, persistent, and intentional with a malicious motive.  


Phishing involves sending an email that looks exactly like that from an authentic source, but contains a harmful attachment that steals the recipient’s personal details like IPIN, Card number, ID, and others. This information is then sold to the dark web.


Vishing involves stealing the target’s confidential details through smart phones by the use of advanced social engineering techniques that make the target divulge personal details. The technique fools the target into thinking that he or she is responding to an authentic call from the government, police, tax department, or bank.


Smishing involves using a text message and sending it to the target’s mobile number to trick him or her into calling to a fake number or into visiting a fake website or into downloading some software that is malicious.

Credit card/debit card fraud:

The fraudster makes unauthorized withdrawals or purchases using the target’s credit card or debit card. This happens when the fraudster steals the card holder’s PIN or hacks the account online.

Impersonation/ pretexting/identity theft:

Impersonation means deceiving somebody by pretending to be the other person and using their electronic signature, password, or other unique identity. It is also called pretexting in which the pretexter does an in-depth research on the target; then poses as a trustworthy person such as the target’s technician, employee, bank official, etc., to gain sensitive information. Criminals can impersonate an individual or an institution.

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Whether you are a victim of cyber crime or an accused, you must Hire Best Cyber Crime Lawyer in India or discuss with us online, who tackle cyber crimes. Services like Online Legal Center harbour qualified and experienced lawyers in this regard. It is common to see that victims of cyber crime do not know what to do when they suffer from identity theft or their child is targeted online. In this case, Hire Online Cyber Crime Lawyer we will guide you on taking the right legal steps such as where to complain, what measures to take after the criminal has attacked you or your child online, and so on.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The Government of India has created National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal where you can lodge complaints online. You can also file an FIR at your nearest police station. In addition, consult a lawyer who will tell you the correct action to take in case you are a victim of cyber fraud. Legal Advice On Cyber Crimes

    You can take the following measures:

    • Use updated software and keep your computer’s security updated.
    • Use strong passwords.
    • Change your passwords at regular intervals.
    • Avoid sharing sensitive date on social media platforms.
    • Refrain from sharing personal information as much as possible, such as date of birth, city you live in, etc.
    • Switch off your home Wi-Fi or device internet when not in use.
    • Use public Wi-Fi sparingly.
    • Use your own cables and charger for charging your device at public charging station.
    • When in doubt, avoid clicking on unknown links or websites.
    • Be alert when dealing with strangers on social media platforms.

    Yes. Depending on the crime, the convicted person can be sentenced to anything between 3 to 7 years, plus a fine. In case of cyberterrorism, the convict can get life imprisonment under Section 66F of IT Act.

    Cheating, forgery, fraud, threat, defamation, etc can also be done through using computer. These crimes are tackled under IPC sections and other special laws. For example, for sending a threat email, the person can be booked under Section 506 IPC; for defamatory email, there is Section 500 IPC; for online sale of illegal drugs, NDPS Act comes to play, and so on. Legal Advice On Cyber Crimes

    A lawyer is important because cyber crime cases are complicated. At times, the authorities may need to use IT Act and IPC Sections both, depending on the nature of the crime. You must not stay silent, if you are a victim because there are laws to tackle such crimes and you can easily hire experienced lawyers in this regard. There are cases where in people are framed through identity theft. In this case, take legal help at once. In case you have done a fraud and are accused of one, you can also hire a lawyer and know your rights and what the outcome can be. Even if you are convicted, a lawyer can help to reduce your sentence or use other such legal options available.

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    Salient Features

    Affordable Price

    We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

    Highly Qualified & Experienced Team

    Our team of lawyers are certified through the Bar Council of India and have worked on umpteen numbers of cases successfully.

    Legal & Moral Support

    We provide legal guidance + our lawyers serve as pillar of strength to the clients to help them cope with the stress of cases.

    24/7 Support

    We provide round the clock support.

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