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Sometimes it is not easy to continue to live with the person you married. Divorce appears to be the only solution to lead a life better than today. However, divorce is itself a disturbing process which troubles couples at times when they are already in stress especially an emotional one.

The divorce is organically linked to various issues, may it be nature of divorce by mutual consent or by dissolution, alimony or maintenance, custody of children, rights in property. Each of these issues are inter-related and one follows the other. Paving through your way through the complicated path can be nerve breaking and requires a specialized support.

This is where we step in as professionals for Legal Advice on Divorce. At Online Legal Center, you will get end-to-end help with your divorce filing, petition submission, child custody, alimony, and many more. Our legal firm has the best divorce lawyers and advisors with years of experience. They specialize in all the areas of divorce laws including mutual divorce, divorce due to domestic violence or marital rape, divorce due to violation of matrimonial laws, alimony issues, child custody and more.

Please contact and don’t hesitate and contact us for any of your issues including

  1. Mutual divorce
  2. Dissolution of marriage
  3. Alimony/maintenance issues
  4. Children custody
  5. Rights in immovable and movable properties including bank accounts, house etc.

and remember the list is not exhaustive, we are there for any of your needs to pass the cross roads in these difficult times.

Legal Advice On Divorce​ Legal services we offer:

Legal consultancy

We specialize in legal consultancy in the family matters.  Legal Advice On Divorce​ Our experienced consultants know the Indian law regarding various communities broadly governed by Hindu, muslim, parsi and christians laws related to divorce and child custody in and out. With the years of experience dealing with different divorce cases for both as lawyers of plaintiffs and defendants, we assure you that our services will help you to understand the issues and how to get the best out of the divorce petition which includes fastening the process of divorce and settlement.

Divorce advice

You can also contact our advisors if you need legal divorce advice. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions to get the divorce at the earliest and the settlement of succeeding issues including child custody, alimony etc.

Help with documentation

One of our services includes study of petition and enclosed documents. Under this our experts study your divorce petition and documents which are required to be submitted and help in identifying and arranging the missing documents.

To speed up the process of divorce, it is required to submit a petition with all the legal documents. If any of the important legal document is missing the process may get delayed by months. Legal Advice On Divorce​,  Indian courts are a busy place with many applications still pending to be decided. If a hearing is missed due to lack of any document, it costs you precious time and money and elongate the period of wait and emotional stress.

Our team of advisors will help you with legal advice concerning the paper work. We specialize in dealing with exceptional circumstances and helping the client with the documentation phase.

Mutual divorce advice

If both of the parties are ready for a mutual divorce, our lawyers acting as a facilitator will help start the process by submitting the petition at the court along with all the required documents. The alimony and child custody will be discussed mutually between the parties. As it will be a mutual divorce, there will be no subpoena. We ensure maximum transparency between both parties, which is why we will arrange a deposition in the presence of the opponent’s lawyer. All the discussions will be recorded to ensure they can be used as proof if the opposing party refuses to pay the settled money for the alimony and child support. We also provide service in post settlement period if one of the parties do not fulfill the terms and condition of settlement.

Divorce cases with criminal case

With our experts, you can get advice and legal help to get justice in any criminal case you have filed against your partner, whether it is for domestic violence, psychological and physical abuse, public abuse, infidelity, violation of the prenuptial agreement, marital rape, and so on. We assure you that our experts will help you get justice in the criminal case and quicken the divorce petition process in the jurisdictional court of your state.

Alimony settlement

If you want legal advice on divorce and alimony settlement, you have come to right place. We have legal professionals who have years of experience in dealing such matters. They are well versed with the settlement of the alimony and helps the client in settling a fair and justified alimony by the courts of law. The claim of alimony is decided considering various issues including money required for regular maintenance, medical treatment, house rent, and other expenses. Our experts take care of each and every situations and issues involved in case of our client so a fair and justified alimony may be decided in favor of our client.

Child custody

We also offer advice regarding child custody in case of minor. Our experts draft the petition in line with court judgments and bringing out all the grounds and circumstances for ensuring the child custody to rightful parent. If required a restraining order on the other parent can also be requested from court to prevent any harm to your child. Alternatively our experts may also help you file for joint custody if it is a mutual divorce with some ground rules for both the parties.

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    Why choose Online Legal Center for divorce advice and consultation?

    1. We offer legal advice and legal services for mutual divorce, fault divorce, divorce and Best Legal Advice On Divorce​ involving criminal complaints including associated issues of child custody, alimony, property rights etc.

    2.We ensure the petition filed is based on proper grounds that cannot be nullified or subpoenaed during the deposition and trial.

    3.Our lawyers will arrange for deposition before trial if necessary, especially if both the parties are not on good terms with each other.

    4.We have dealt with several cases so far, earning the hands-on experience required to provide proper divorce consultation and legal services to our clients, regardless of the situation or the complexity of the case.

    5.We charge a nominal fee with no extra hidden charges. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about emptying your bank to legally get out of a failed matrimony.

    6.Our services art conducted online, so you only have to visit our office once and when there will be a deposition. We will keep you updated about the trial in court, that judgment day with the jury, and several other updates on the case.

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    Salient Features

    Affordable Price

    We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

    Highly Qualified & Experienced Team

    Our team of lawyers are certified through the Bar Council of India and have worked on umpteen numbers of cases successfully.

    Legal & Moral Support

    We provide legal guidance + our lawyers serve as pillar of strength to the clients to help them cope with the stress of cases.

    24/7 Support

    We provide round the clock support.

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