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How To Avoid Bank Account Freezing While Doing P2P

P2P Karte Samay Bank Account Freeze Hone Se Kaise Bache: If you do P2P and the bank account is frozen then it remains forever so you should take some precautions so that your bank account does not get frozen and if it also gets frozen then You can unfreeze easily.

Hello friends, welcome to the Online Legal Centre. I, Advocate Ayush Garg, will tell you how to do P2P business.

So today in this article you can easily get your bank account defreeze by talking to him in private. If you do P2P then definitely read this blog.

The biggest problem we face while doing P2P is that our bank account freeze without our fault and it is also important to note that we do not do any wrong transactions and do not commit fraud with anyone but in front of someone. Because of these traders, our bank account gets freeze because we do not know who that person is.

Has there been any wrong transaction in his transaction? It is possible that a lien has already been placed on his account or a hold has already been placed on his account, due to which the transaction that comes to your account will be yours. The account also gets frozen, then your USDT also goes away and then you have to make rounds to unfreeze the bank account.

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Now what can we do to avoid such problems, there are some tips, if we follow them then we will never get trapped and even if we get trapped by mistake, we can easily avoid it.

Let us know what things should be kept in mind while doing P2P

  • As per RBI Approved or RBI Instruction, we have to trade only on those exchanges that are working in India.
  • We should always trade with Verified Traders only because if any problem arises later, their details are easily available to us and can also be used, and only verified traders are trusted.
  • Make sure to take Live KYC of the trader with whom you are trading. If necessary, take their Aadhaar card or any of their bank documents.
  • Try to always trade in a small amount so that even if the account gets frozen, only that amount will be blocked. The big amount will not be blocked, hence do not trade it. Therefore, avoid trading big amounts because there is more risk in it, so try to trade with less.
  • If someone is luring you for more profit then definitely stay away from such a trader because he may be a scammer.
  • We should never take transactions from a third person. If any trader tells you that the amount is not being transferred from my account or I do the transaction from someone else’s account, in such a situation you should never take that transaction because In such a situation, you may get scammed and your bank account may also get frozen.

If you keep all these tips in mind while doing p2p and follow them, then the chances of your bank account freeze will be very low. If your bank account gets frozen then we can get it defreezed soon.

If your bank account freeze anywhere in India, then to unfreeze the bank account or for any information related to it, you can call our helpline number: 8273682006, our advocates will help you completely.

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