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Why Would a Business Bank Account Be Frozen? Tips to Unfreeze It

It is not a pleasant experience to have the experience of a bank account being frozen. It’s because, along with the financial limitations that this unfortunate event imposes on your bank account, repairing it is often time-consuming. Therefore, having your account frozen is something that you should avoid.

This is the best information on why the business account of your bank could be locked, the ways you can free it from freezing, and steps to take to guarantee a smooth payout experience.

What Does a Frozen Bank Account Mean?

A frozen bank account refers to when your financial institution cannot permit the withdrawal of your funds or transfer it into another account, or make purchases using your credit card. If this happens, access to your account is granted, but not being able to conduct debit transactions. So, although you can make deposits or view the balance and track your account’s activity, previously scheduled payments, subscriptions, payments, or the emergence of new transactions that could drain the money from your account are not enabled until the account is unfrozen.

Reasons Your Business Bank Account is Frozen

There are myriad reasons your bank has stopped processing the company’s account. This could be due to these reasons:

  1. Account protection:
  2. The balance of your company account may be shut down when your bank detects suspicious activity. This could indicate an unauthorized hack or even access to the account.
  3. Insufficient funds
  4. If you need more funds to cover a loan from your account balance, your bank may stop your account from making payments due to the lack of funds.
  5. Creditor’s petition:
  6. If a lender files an application for winding up against your company, and it comes to the notice of your bank, the company’s account could be frozen.
  7. Court debit order:
  8. If you receive an order from a judge for debits against you made by the creditor directing you to settle your obligation by or on an agreed date, the bank could close your account if you are notified of the.
  9. Illegal activities:
  10. The bank may freeze your account for business when the business or you are accused of illegal acts, including terrorist financing, money laundering, or fraud. This is why being aware of anti-fraud laws, AML, and KYC rules is helpful.
  11. Unknown deposit of a substantial nature:
  12. When large amounts of cash are transferred into your account by the source your bank’s supervisor is unaware of, the financial institution could block your account in case of an investigation.
  13. Incorrect details:
  14. Identifying misleading or incorrect information in the customer information, for example, a fraudulent address or a false source of income could cause your account to be frozen by the bank you use.

Ways to Unfreeze Your Company Bank Account

It’s always best to take care not to avoid doing anything that might result in freezing your account. If your business’s bank account has been frozen, Here are some methods to get it unfrozen through your bank:

Make use of evidence-based arguments to argue.

Your bank may remove your business account from the freeze if you can contest the freeze, presenting the evidence to show there’s any reason to do so. Thus, you should contact the bank you have used and inform your account manager of all the specifics of the most recent transactions. Provide documentation and information that can be used to address any questions. It is important to demonstrate that neither your firm nor you have engaged in any unlawful or illegal activity. There is also any false information, or you have yet to have your online account hacked.

Request a validation request.

Suppose your company has been served with a winding-up request that resulted in being frozen in your account. In that case, you may seek a validation order by the court to release it from freezing. Your validation request is accepted if you can convince the court of the company’s financial viability and have a valid business plan. Then, the creditor will be informed, and your account at the business will be released so that you can make specific transactions, like paying off the debt.

Find a way to negotiate a voluntary arrangement with the company.

If you are still hopeful that your company, you can propose an Organization Voluntary arrangement (CVA) with your creditors via your insolvency professional (IP). This arrangement requires making a single monthly payment in a specified amount to the creditor. The business account will not be frozen if the CVA has been accepted. But, please do not take another legal suit against your company by adhering to the conditions and terms of the CVA.

Put the business in voluntary liquidation.

Consider this alternative if you’re sure your business cannot continue expanding and growing. In this case, you must stay clear of being accused of illegal behavior by going into voluntary liquidation by filing bankruptcy or insolvency. This way, you can shut down your business through a legally-approved procedure that can free your account for business. This allows you to restart the transactions with your account, trade in the company’s assets, and pay the creditor(s).

How to Prevent a Frozen Bank Account

In the words of a famous saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” In this case, your company will gain more by preventing a bank account from freezing rather than attempting to repair the issue. We give you these pieces of advice on how to prevent the possibility of a bank account being frozen by your business:

  • Please secure your account for business: The security and security of your company’s account will determine whether it is prone to suspicious activities. Discover the best ways to process payments securely and ensure your account remains safe. This will ensure that your bank will not block your account due to unusual logins.
  • Pay your company’s dues: Do not ignore your obligations, not only because of your personal loan. You should pay them off early, including credit card debts, to stop creditors from bringing your business to court or levying your bank accounts.
  • Your business bank account: You need more than establishing a digital financial account for your business; you must ensure that it remains in operation. If you set it up for operating within the UK or controlling your transactions within an international country, be sure to be able to fund it promptly. This will help you avoid insufficient fund reports at your bank and remain free of frozen accounts.
  • More is needed to establish a virtual financial account for your company. It would help if you kept it in operation. If you set it up to conduct business within the UK or manage your transactions within another nation, ensure the account is properly in good standing. In this way, you can ensure sufficient funds statements from your bank and prevent your account from freezing.
  • Your account manager should know this: When you expect an enormous amount of cash from a business partner based locally or overseas, alert the account manager of your intention so that your bank does not permit the transaction.
  • Do not engage in criminal activities: Do not participate in any transaction or activity that could be considered criminal. If you do, law enforcement officers may pursue your activities to investigate the possibility of fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, or other unlawful activities.
  • Give accurate information: Ensure that the information in your bank account is accurate and up-to-date. If you have changed your address, passport, source of income, or anything else that could cause your bank to think you’re a fraud, notify your bank’s manager as quickly as possible so they do not block your account.

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