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What To Do If Agra Cyber Cell Freezes Bank Account
What To Do If Agra Cyber Cell Freezes Bank Account?

If you live anywhere in India and your bank account has been frozen or debit frozen by Agra Cyber Cell, then how can you unfreeze your bank account from Cyber Cell? Will get it done.

What documents or information are required to unfreeze a bank account and what should we do if the cyber cell does not unfreeze our bank account?

Hello friends, welcome to Online Legal Center, I am Advocate Ayush Garg, in this article I will tell you how to unfreeze your bank account from Agra Cyber Cell, so let us know how to unfreeze your bank account if Agra Cyber Cell has frozen it. Let it be done.

Banks freeze accounts to protect against fraud or legal issues. If they see anything suspicious, like odd transactions or identity questions, they hit pause. To unfreeze, just talk to the bank, show your ID, and sort things out. It’s a safety measure!

First of all, we have to contact the bank and get detailed information from them as to why our bank account has been frozen, which cyber cell has frozen it, what are the contact details of our cyber cell, what is the complaint number, and what is the transaction. Due to this our bank account has been frozen.

Now after getting all the information from the bank, contact Agra Cyber Cell, give them all the information, and submit your documents.

You can submit all this information or documents to them through the mail, but sometimes cyber cell officers send us without notice and force us to visit the cyber cell. In such a situation, if you do not want to visit there, then you can send a You can take the help of a good lawyer who will advocate on your behalf and visit the cyber cell to unfreeze your bank account.

If Cyber Cell does not cooperate with your FIR and does not unfreeze our bank account, then with the help of our lawyer we will file an application under Section 451 CrPC and Section 457 CrPC in the concerned Magistrate Court to unfreeze our bank account. can do. Yes FIR we can also file a writ in the state high court. Keep in mind that if we have not done anything wrong then our bank account will be 100% unfreezed.

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What Information Should One Take From The Bank If The Bank Account Is Frozen?

If a cyber cell has frozen our bank account, then what details need to be taken from our bank to unfreeze it?

Contact the Bank:

  • Reach out to your bank’s customer service as soon as possible to understand why the account is frozen.

Reason for Freeze:

  • Ask the bank for the specific reason behind the account freeze. It could be due to fraud concerns, legal reasons, or identity verification.


  • Inquire about any documentation or information the bank requires to lift the freeze. This might include proof of identity, address, or details about specific transactions.

Resolution Steps:

  • Request clear instructions on the steps you need to take to unfreeze the account. This could involve visiting a branch, submitting documents online, or providing additional information.


  • Ask the bank about the expected timeline for resolving the issue and unfreezing the account. This can help you plan accordingly if you need access to your funds within a specific timeframe.

First: We have to get the contact details of the cyber cell which has sent a notice under section 91 to the bank to freeze our bank account.

Second: We will also have to take a 14 digit cyber complaint number (acknowledgment number) from the bank because through this we can get maximum details related to the complaint filed against us and if the bank provides us a copy of the complaint, then we get a lot of information.

Third: We have to get the transaction details of what transaction has come in our account due to which our bank account has been frozen.

Fourth:  We will also have to ask the bank as to who the person who complained is and what his contact number is.

What To Do If The Bank Does Not Give Us Information

The bank salesperson will give you the information as to why your bank account has been frozen and where you will have to contact to unfreeze it and what documents you need.

But sometimes the banks do not give us the information and we have to make repeated rounds. In such a situation, what should we do to get this information, then we will tell you:

First: You can mail to the head office and local branch of the bank and also to RBI ( This will force the bank to give you information because due to this RBI can take strict action against the bank.

Second: You can also get information by calling 1930.

Third: You can also get all the information by visiting the local cyber cell of your district, there is no need to be afraid to visit there.

Fourth: You can also mail the SP Cyber and DGP Cyber Cell of the state where the complaint has been made and get information from them.

Online Legal Center is a Law Firm, we have offices all over India. If your bank account is frozen anywhere in India, you can directly call our helpline number 8273682006 and get your bank account frozen with the help of our Cyber Expert Lawyers. You can get your account unfreezed.

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